Light alloy wheels under brand name “Alcasta” is the guarantee of quality and safety. It is a crafted balan ce between design and engineering at the highest level.

Alcasta wheels are produced in Asia on highly equipped factories which are experts in all the major areas: design, lightweight construction, materials engineering, process engineering and surface treatment and follow ISO 9001 quality management system. The same plants supply wheels to major car manufacturers and produce famous American and European brands.

Alcasta offers light alloy wheels in wide range of dimensions, from 13 inches up to 20 inches and with parameters which are the same as car manufacturers have. The car owner can easily find wheel suitable for its car and will have no need to use any additional devices in order to mount it.

Before mass production each design follow all necessary tests: stand, impact inspections. 100% of the manufactured wheels pass air leakage, X-ray, run-out, balance.

An elaborate multi-layer structure ensures the highest surface quality and protects it from influence of street reagent.

Alcasta has recommended itself as a safe brand with interesting designs.